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We consider our store to be the ultimate "one stop hub location" for all your endurance fitness needs that includes; weekly natural running/walking free clinics, monthly Natural Running/Walking Workshops (group or individual), weekly "Fun" Run/Walk groups meetings. We will also invite local Nutrition, Physical Therapists, medical and athletic experts to keep us up and going to achieve any goal!

What is Natural Running?

Natural Running is just as it sounds: It is running as nature intended. Running as a human being might have run tens of thousands of years ago when running was a necessity and an integral part of life. Running without the encumbrances of modern society, such as heavy non-supported footwear, sedentary professional lives, and social stresses that wear on our posture.


Why You Should Learn to Run and Walk Naturally?

There are many sources out there that will give you advice on how to run and walk naturally. However, because books, video, and the Internet cannot tell you what you’re doing right or wrong, they often fall short in their delivery. At Running Soles, we will teach you how to run and walk naturally in a personalized, no-nonsense, easy to understand format that is appropriate for everyone. Will Rivera, owner of Running Soles and certified Natural Running/Walking instructor, provides immediate and valuable feedback to successfully train a diverse group of participants - something books, videos, and online publications can’t offer. It is this immediate feedback that will make your transition to natural running and walking as enjoyable and efficient as possible.

What to Expect?

Chi-Running/Chi-Walking workshops begin with some very basic balance and posture exercises, done in a comfortable setting (locations will vary from our store to local recreation parks), and progresses incrementally to gentle running and walking practices. The workshops are informative, yet relaxed and are a good fit for anyone’s fitness levels and/or scheduling needs.

Some might say: “Running has never been for me. I'm definitely NOT a runner.”

Your running experience (or lack thereof…) is not a factor. Neither is your age, body weight, fitness level, or history of injuries. When people think about running, the thoughts that often jump to mind are “too much impact”, “hard on the knees” or “too much work”. While those concerns are often valid in the case of “Power” or “conventional” running (that is, running with upright body posture, pushing of your toes and landing on your heels), they are virtually nonexistent in Natural Running and Walking.

What about shoes?

The training also involves educating our customers on what "shoe type" they should run and/or walk in. Working with our customers to determine if they should be in a neutral, stability or a natural leveled style shoe are key steps of our training program. At the end the goal is for everyone to enjoy the overall benefits of wearing supportive cushioned and balanced footwear that will promote for a healthier way of running, walking, cross training and any other lifestyle activity.

Training Programs:

Weekly Fun Runs (Free):

We have weekly Fun Group Runs/Walks. We meet at our store every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm with distances ranging from 1-5 miles. These will be a nice easy pace that all can keep up with. The intent is to practice and provide further guidance on successfully transitioning to a healthier running and walking style.